Hélène Williams


The last supper?

Supermoon celebrating the summer solstice 2016

Summer Solstice


Imbolc, the celebration of the first day of spring, filmed on Studd Hill in Kent. This day is associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid – who embodies the sun, fire, creativity and fertility. The quartered circles linked to Brigid are a multi-layered ancient symbols stretching back to Neolithic times, representing: the sun, 4 seasons and the phases of the moon. The cow figures stand for fertility and the beginning of lactation that happens with animals around this time. The kindling consists of Rowan wood personifying protection and willow representing the feminine energy and the lunar cycle. The legend goes that on the night of Imbolc the serpent emerges from its lair awakening creativity and inspirational energy.

The spiral that went into the sea